How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes

How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes

There are various important aspects to keep in mind when arranging a trek and one of the most important things to consider is the hiking shoes. Selecting the best footwear can make or break the success of your trip so it is essential that you match the correct pair of hiking shoes with your hike.

A lightweight and flexible shoe perfect for a short and easy day trip over a well trodden and easy route but may leave one's feet aching and you could trip or twist an ankle if hiking through rough and unstable terrain over a prolonged period, however a sturdy and well supportive set of boots might be overkill on a light and easy day trip but is going to give you all-day comfort and support on a trek up the side of a mountain.

Here are a few of the many questions it is important for you to contemplate when searching for hiking shoes:

What ground will I be hiking on?
Will you be hiking well-worn paths, bushwalking, mountain or gorge walking or difficult unchartered landscape? Will there be steep hills or mountains, and will you need to have waterproofing when it comes to crossing streams?Are you likely to be hiking by way of rough dry desert, or will you be trekking through deep damp rainforest?

How long is my expedition?
Are you planning for a day trip or an overnight hike with camping out?

What will the weather conditions do?
Will it be hot, dry and sandy or are you trekking by way of damp squelchy pastures? This will determine whether you would need light-weight and breathable hiking shoes or a set that is going to keep your feet dry!

How much weight will I be carrying?
Will you need to have additional support from your hiking shoes for the heavy backpack and also other gear you will be carrying or are you travelling light with just a daypack?Heavier, more sturdy hiking boots will offer more support for you when compared to light weight hiking shoes when you are carrying heavy backpacks full with all your camping gear.

Do I need reasonable ankle joint support?
Rough loose landscape or level easy pathways? Hiking shoes with little or no ankle support can leave you with an injury if the ground is unsteady and unpredictable but a highly supportive boot can be overkill and be unnecessarily bulky if you don't plan on going off the beaten track.

How frequently will I use my new hiking shoes?
Do you plan just one or two hikes every year or are you an avid hiker who needs very long lasting strength from your hiking shoes or boots? Whilst a great pair of hiking boots will be with you for a long time no matter your level, it's important to think about the amount of use you will get from your new pair before over-spending on a massively strong boot if you are just going to utilize them every six months yet on the other hand, if you underspend on a cheaper and less steadfast pair then they can go downhill comparatively quickly if you take them out on an overnight hike every single weekend.

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